ASO Wachowiak jest pierwszą i obecnie jedyną w Polsce firmą oferującą pełne naprawy wtryskiwaczy Bosch Common Rail wykonywane zgodnie z technologją firmy Bosch.

Naprawy wtryskiwaczy Delphi Common Rail z paskiem kodowym C3I oraz pompowtryskiwaczy Delphi E1 do samochodów Volvo FH-12 i FH-16 w ASO Wachowiak są już dostępne.

05 grudzień 2020,  






  • Diagnostics and complex repairs:
    • passenger cars and delivery vans
    • trucks and busses
    • utility vehicles
    • stationary and mobile engines
  • Repairs of combustion engines:
    • running repairs
    • general repairs
    • repairs of engine heads, blocks, crankshafts and connecting-rods
  • Repair of Diesel fuel injection system::
    • in-line injection pumps
    • rotary injection pumps
    • electronically controlled injection pumps
    • Common Rail high pressure pumps
    • EUI and PLD
    • traditional injectors
    • two stage injectors
    • Common Rail injectors
    • Common Rail rails
  • Sale of spare parts
  • Car accessories
  • Tools, pullers, blockages of timing gear and instrumentation
  • Special wrenches
  • Electronic and mechanical diagnostic equipment
  • Special equipment

„Wachowiak” company has been operating for over 30 years in the area of repair services for motor vehicles with Diesel engine.

We have specialized not only in the repairs of compression-ignition engines but also in the Diesel injection systems for such engines. We have been able to identify and follow the right path of company development.  As a result of these endeavours, we have obtained the highest class of authorization from the producers of fuel systems such as Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Stanadyne, Siemens VDO, Zexel and authorization for the repairs of Deutz engines. Authorization of such prestigious manufactures allowed us to implement the most advanced repair technologies and opened the way to warranty repairs.

Owing to the workshop equipment, theoretical knowledge, experience and transparent procedures we are able to face the most difficult challenges in defining the reasons and causes of technical defects and provide complex services accordingly.

Our priorities are continuous control of the technological process, modification of the internal procedures, maintaining high quality level of the services and after-sales services as well as reduction in repair time.

Due to a good cooperation with our customers we combine the benefits of their and our own experience. This contributes to the improvement of our diagnostic, verification and repair services and finally, to the customers satisfaction in respect of financial and time saving effects.

We believe that this information will help you to get familiar with the scope of our company activity.


Diagnostics is the basic element of our service work. Through diagnostics we define the location of the defect and test the operation of subassemblies and mechanisms. In practical application, we recognize three types diagnostics: preliminary, basic and final.

Diagnostic activities include readouts as well as mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and electronic measurements.



Verification is a tool which helps us to determine the degree of defectiveness of individual elements and subassemblies as well as to specify the source of the defects. It is very important to differentiate between the reason and the cause of the defect. Determination of the reason of the defect quite often requires additional specialist testing to be carried out. This type of testing is not include in the basic scope of our activity but, upon customers request, it can be done in cooperation with the leading Polish research institutions.




Our repair works are performed in compliance with the technology applicable to individual brands of cars, engines and Diesel injection system.

Our repair methods and techniques combined with modern specialist equipment and long-time experience quarantee that the technical parameters of the repaired product comply with the technical specifications of its producer.




We offer a wide range of regeneration Diesel injection system parts, including Bosch pumps VP-29, VP-30, VP-44, Common Rail pumps and injectors of Bosch and Delphi, PLD pumps, Zexel VR injection pumps and EUI.

Regeneration includes not only the recovery of 100-percent performance of the regenerated element but also its external appearance and anticorrosive properties.



Technical expertise

Technical evaluations and expertises are issued on the basis of the diagnostic and verification works as well as special testing performed in our company.

All expertises are made according to the customers orders placed in writing. Technical opinions and evaluations issued by our company have the status of an expertise of the authorized manufacturer`s representative, independent experts or judicial experts.